About us

What makes us special

Numerous interviews of successful Hamburg entrepreneurs by members of the Federal Association of Young Entrepreneurs (BJU) turned out to be an incentive, because they gave the view on the basis of the visible success: All personalities had developed and cultivated individual unique selling points. In addition, there was the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, in short: the Kyoto Protocol, which was adopted on December 11, 1997 and brought climate protection to worldwide attention and laid down the reduction of greenhouse gases with internationally

What should our customers say about us

As detectives for by-products, we always want to be remembered as curious and open-minded. This is the only way to discover and initiate new material flows. With every answered question, we already want to apply for another challenge. Nevertheless, we are not afraid of a well-founded rejection. Since we act for our customers without machines, without storage and without patents, we rely on versatile and resilient network partners. We often experience the synergy of those involved like a “wild marriage”: we want to cooperate because it benefits both sides

Where do we come from

When Otto Alfred Müller registered his company in Hamburg under number 27992 in the company register on November 6, 1890, he had gathered experience in exporting sugar from Germany to England. During this time his idea of ​​optimizing transport costs by reloading from England matured. However, the result of importing English coal into Germany did not fit into his principal’s business model. However, his former boss recognized the skills of his employee and recommended that he implement it himself. As a thank you for his hard work, Otto

What do we stand for

From the knowledge of the problems and challenges of founding, in 1890 as well as in 2000, we have respect for courage, innovation and added value, but also the appreciation of traditional values ​​- everyone in his time. If we, as consultants for raw materials change, are asked for advice and deed in confidence, we want to live up to the justly expected commitment and to get involved as problem solvers, managers, planners, organizers, logisticians and entrepreneurs. For this we live openness, independence, trust, partnership, sustainability, long-term, appreciation and