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Welcome to our website. How can we help you? Please contact us to find new ways for your by-prodcuts or the demand for a better life-cycle value by using green raw material.

Recycling 4.0

We don’t limit our mind while developing the full recycling circle – Over 18 years of experience in various applications and industries are helping us in cross-thinking for the looming circular economy.


We are looking beyond ordinary Recycling to level up waste and by-products towards true Upcycling.

Cicular Economy

Guided be the vision of a circular economy we will  do our utmost to limit the enviromental impact of our modern society. Reuse, upcycle and recycle are rooted in our daily business.

Enviroment and Energy

We are ready for new ideas! Are you too?

Do not hesitate to contact us with any strange by-products or absurd waste stream.  Or challenge us with your demand of getting greener input materials or better recyclates. We start with just listening and learning about your current status and try to develop new ways for your in- or output.



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Jan Neuber


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Solid biomass


What steep rise within 20 years from an unwanted saw mill waste to the biggest biomass commodity worldwide.  No matter if you are interest in wood pellets for power plants or industry use we will take care of your inquiry.

You need to smell the woods in wood briquettes, when you open the packaging.

If you demand similar delight, we are glad to deliver premium wood briketts for your market as well – reliable and worth the money.

By-products form the coffee manufatures are good for recycling. Besides the use in power plant and biogas stations we found interesting upcycling options.

Liquid biomass

We can show you solutions for the full quality range – glycerine residual towards 97% technial quality. We appreciate your inquiry

An intersting by-product from sugar beet production with multiples usages. We focus on low grade qualities for anerobic digesting.

If you can beat the logisitc challenges with the high water content, we can find economical solution for soap stock / GUMS. We are quite successful in organising this kind of stream with cross-thinking.


With the increasing demand for sulphur the ammonium sulphate is pushed back on the agenda of many farmers. We are focused on suppling the fertilizer industry with alternative materials.

Since 10 years we are looking for a economic sensible way of phosphate recycling. We achieve quite some sale successes with Re-phosphte including a end-of-waste status. We welcome your phosphate projects.

You can choose from various qualities of potassium products in our product range. We are glad to help you finding the right ones.

Sulphuric acid is used in a wide range of applications and a true chemical commodity. We are specialized on niche applications for acidifaction of manure to reduce the emmission of ammonia or the leaching of ashes.

Die Anwendung von Magensium umfasst bei uns hauptsächlich Nebenprodukte unterschiedlicher Herkunft und findet neben der Düngemittelindustrie auch Wege in die chemische Industrie.

Bio-based materials

A true upcycing from a former waste product to a useful raw material. We mill almond shells to a fine powder and use it a additive for example in cosmetic products.

Make use of fine and sieved olive stone powder for your upcycling ideas. You can use it for example of sandblasting, adhesives or coating systems. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Wood fibres is well-known as a bio-based material. It is already used in many applications nowadays. Our wood based raw materials come from unsusal streams which have not been upcycled yet.

Have you ever smells milled cocoa shells? It is so close to cocoa powder that it’s hard to distinguish. Make use of this special ability in your application. We are ready to help you.

Mineral additives


The so called cenospheres are a part of the fly ash from coal combustion. As a high value  light weight filler it finds it way in multiple industries. Please find further information about the micro spheres at our partner Orbolite.

The foam glas powder is predestined for upcycling. Currently with limit use but the potential to get in back in the value chain. We are testing diffent approaches and would not mind to test yours as well.

In this category you can find our iron oxide for desulphurasation of biogas plant as well as exhausted ores form the chemical industries used as fillers in mineral products.