What do we stand for

From the knowledge of the problems and challenges of founding, in 1890 as well as in 2000, we have respect for courage, innovation and added value, but also the appreciation of traditional values ​​- everyone in his time.

If we, as consultants for raw materials change, are asked for advice and deed in confidence, we want to live up to the justly expected commitment and to get involved as problem solvers, managers, planners, organizers, logisticians and entrepreneurs. For this we live openness, independence, trust, partnership, sustainability, long-term, appreciation and added value in mutual interest.

The successful implementation of our ideas for environment & energy in active material flows is based on active cooperation partners from a network of dealers, logisticians, independent forwarders, warehousemen, conditioners, shipping and customs agents, veterinarians, environmental and waste officers, tax consultants, researchers, plant managers, and many more – whether female or male. Depending on the project and needs, we integrate all of them into a reliable service chain between the seller and the buyer of the goods, so that everyone does what he does best.

There are local providers for local solutions. When we are asked as detectives for residues & by-products to search for and find new markets, we are primarily expected to find remote solutions.

But also in areas that cross borders, mentalities, regulations, exchange rates, histories, languages ​​and denominations must be observed and taken into account.

As Europeans, we build upon a free and peaceful Europe, a market without borders and support this status through our international encounters and our actions.

Traditional values
Consultant for raw material change
Justly expected commitment and values ​​in mutual interest
Working in the network of active cooperation partners Peaceful Europe with a market without borders