What should our customers say about us

As detectives for by-products, we always want to be remembered as curious and open-minded. This is the only way to discover and initiate new material flows.

With every answered question, we already want to apply for another challenge. Nevertheless, we are not afraid of a well-founded rejection.

Since we act for our customers without machines, without storage and without patents, we rely on versatile and resilient network partners.
We often experience the synergy of those involved like a “wild marriage”: we want to cooperate because it benefits both sides – but we don’t have to.

We are aware that the many purchase orders are individual, unique and small-scale; often it’s about the remaining residual. This, too, is part of our business as well as long-term solutions, one of which has been around since 2003.

We are always expected to come up with new ideas for the recycling and re-use of by-products, residues and waste – but not with advice on the marketing of valuable main products – rightly so!

When our order has been fulfilled and finally completed, the impression should remain on both sides of the material flow chain that we have performed the tasks entrusted to us effectively, inexpensively and properly.

Customers and business partners are valued by us.

We are also receptive to their appreciation: Thank you!

Curious and open-minded
Well founded
Synergy of those involved
Individual, but also long-term
Imaginative Effective and inexpensive Appreciative