Where do we come from

When Otto Alfred Müller registered his company in Hamburg under number 27992 in the company register on November 6, 1890, he had gathered experience in exporting sugar from Germany to England. During this time his idea of ​​optimizing transport costs by reloading from England matured. However, the result of importing English coal into Germany did not fit into his principal’s business model.

However, his former boss recognized the skills of his employee and recommended that he implement it himself. As a thank you for his hard work, Otto A. Müller even received start-up capital and on October 25, 1890 applied for the opening of a “Giro Rechnung” in the books of the “Hamburg Branch of Deutsche Bank, Hamburg”.

In 2000, the shipping and coal trading businesses under the management of Kai Ottmüller were already operating in the “Domstraße 11” office building under the roof of Otto A. Müller GmbH when Jens Ottmüller joined the team in January in search of a business idea.

He found his vocation in the search for valuable by-products and the organization of such material flows and, with the help of Otto A. Müller GmbH, founded Otto A. Müller Recycling GmbH on November 7, 2000 to put new ideas for the environment and energy into practice.

Trade & logistics has been in our blood for 4 generations.
As a family company, we act long-term.
Our basis are traditional values.

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